Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here is some simple and basic designs of an eco house, eco houses are buildings helping the enviroment. I'll describe/ explain how i would like my eco house to be.

My eco house is very healthy to the enviroment. See how those examples of eco houses at the top are made out of concrete,plaster and tiles, well my designed house is made with bamboo sticks and normal wood just to be extra eco friendly. Because building materials are poluting our plants/ trees instead of helping the plants to grow, (it's sort of like the eco building materials are encouraging the plants to grow).

My life style is much more simple than modern life now. All my gear and equiptment is also eco friendly, I would obveasly bring a matress and a few other home things (but i would keep my electricity bill down with only bringing about 10-15 electronics). My eco friendly gear would be items like a solar power heaters from the top of the ceiling spreading all around the rooms(to stop the heater running just shove a mat over the solar power heater), and also more items like my own recycling machine at home to prevent some native/ not native birds and other animals being killed by tangling rubbish (damaging their body and limbs, causing them to not catch prey or reach food and other reasons of them dieing).

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