Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How well i'm doing on decreasing my carbon footprint

I have'nt been able to try use my the green plastic bags yet, but my idea of chucking my scraps in the compost is doing very well aswell as cycling every day.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My decrease on my ecological footprint

Some ideas of this is having A cloths line instead a cloths dryer.

Heres some events i'll be doing to decrease my carbon footprint;

# Using my compost bin for all my left over foods.

# Cycling to school every day.

# Having smaller showers.

# Use green bags instead of plastic bags fromo the supermarket.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kris Wilson visiting Rm 18

Our student teachers fiance is an architect (visit and look at their designs) and we had the chance of him meeting him. He talked about many things such as how we can recycle building equipment.

Kris Willis was very helpful and gave us ideas on saving power. Like having low windows on one side of the room and having high windows on the other, so that when the heat enters the lower windows the heat will rise to the high windows meaning the heat would pass through the whole room saving power.

We had learnt many other ideas.

Thankyou Mr (Kris) Willis

Joe & Clement sustainability lecture

Joe and Clement are to people who had many ideas on sustainability and taught us many vital ideas on this subject.

One topic they were discussing about was how we only have 1/32nd of the whole earth to grow our food. this also relates to our maths because our teacher told us to see if they're right, (and if they're wrong we need to prove it with percentages and fractions).

Another subject they were talking about was worm farms and how they help the enviroment so much. The reason worms are so effective to the enviroment is because they will eat your scraps of food besides citrus (e.g. oranges and manderines) and that will cause the worms to run away. 33% of our garbage/ litter thrown out is food, so if all of us have worm farms in our backyards well be saving 33% of our garbage having no food in our dumps (giving more space for us and more time to create more ideas towards sustainability).